Debt Collection Services

In Pakistan the concept of offering credit is gaining popularity and with the ever-increasing population more and more people are availing the opportunity of getting things on credit, be it an estate & property or household items. Over the last couple of years, there has been an enormous rise in the use of services provided by financial institutions which has resulted into all of them requiring the services of debt recovery/accounts receivable collection agencies.

The track record shows that an in house collection has not yielded the desired cash flow results for one reason or the other, (sometimes accommodating marketing or sales get the top priority) making it quite cumbersome for the organizations to handle their receivable collections. But when an outsourced agency is involved all such issues are resolved. We are the first professionals in Pakistan providing collection services to the industry and have a number of government, semi government, local and multinational clients.

SS provides full scale Debt Collection Services to its clients. Our collection team is well qualified and adheres to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism. Each collector handles the claim from the very first follow up collection call to final collection with utmost confidentiality and secrecy. Our aim is to do the collection task and help the debtor and creditor maintain a congenial relationship. However, there are some situations where stronger actions are required, for which we have trained employees and procedures providing legal solutions to our clients.