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Solution seekers Pakistan is a multinational law firm comprising of general attorneys. The law company assists you for versatile nature of legal disputes across Pakistan and even in other countries. There was a clear gap in the market for a professional, compliant and result driven network, Solution Seekers Pakistan was established to provide solutions to such problems.  We are working for last ten years to let you people feel free. Our legal service firm achieves the impossible with the assistance of diligent and dedicated lawyers. Expert attorneys with distinctive areas of specialization assuring you, not to worry, deals with your problem as our own.Our key features include expeditious solution of these problems in banking litigation and practice. We proceed with our projects step by step and apprise our clients with complete information at each and every stage. Our client relationship management team is solely responsible for acknowledging, arranging and meeting with you. We advise you free of cost and are available round the clock for your convenience. We are located in Lahore but our legal services prevailover Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and many more cities.

The company deals in corporate legal matters, debt recoveries, criminal and banking litigation, and land disputes for the people of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. We assistBanks, Businessmen, NGOs, Govt. Departments, Individuals, Overseas Pakistanis, Foreign Nationals and Corporations. Our legal firm segregates the disputes and forward it to the relevant team of expert lawyers. A glimpse of our categorization consists as;banking litigation team serveing banks/bank’s client for resolving their financial matters. Recovery teams deals with debt recoveries for different perspectives, Criminal litigation department deals with criminal activities like Fraud, theft, and assassination/murders. Property rights are in the hands of this sector. That’s how our management divides the burden and further the team starts collecting the evidences, reviewing the cases repeatedly, and research for defending our clients. Our ADR team is specially formed for resolving the issues outside the court. It is the time to decide either to float with the stream or distinguish prior among them. Justgive us a call as we have got one stop solution to your multi-dimensional problems. No one can doubt the legal services offered by us. Legal advice offered by us is of professional value. The result being that we already have Trust Investment Bank and KASB Securities on our panel. Outcome of our services to these institutions is of complete satisfaction.

Solution Seekers Pakistan aims to fly beyond the sky. We are trying to make it possible by providing you with outstanding service. Our services include rapid solutions and regular correspondence. Our chain of satisfied clients belongs to our offices in the UK, Australia and Thailand, where we help overseas Pakistanis and foreign nationals. Recently, we have collaborated with one of the largest Debt collection companies in the UK, CC/ Legal, having worldwide offices in more than a hundred countries. It is our reputation and privilege to be selected as their sole collaboration nominee partner in Pakistan. Our recognition is because of our dedication and hard work towards the clients.We are providing our legal services online, you can contact us without any hesitation. We assure you for rapid response. For more details please visit


Have You Ever Imagined Someone Taking Care of All Your Legal Needs
While You Devote Your Time, Energy And Efforts Towards Your Business And Family Affairs?
Perhaps Not!


Solution Seekers Pakistan aims at providing
One-Stop Legal Solutions to all your Problems
By it’s
General Attorneys
Property Disputes, Debt Recoveries and Legalization of Documents
International Business Partners, Banks, Businessmen, NGOs, Govt. Departments, Individuals, Overseas Pakistanis, Foreign Nationals & Corporations.


In our concrete and guaranteed method of legal solutions, SS Pakistan keeps you in touch and updated about every step. All progress is vigilantly followed up in practical terms to enable constant follow-up through ‘Customer Relationship Management’ (CRM), which helps entire team to communicate progress to the clients on each action taken or to be taken which can also be viewed by respective clients over the CRM online.

A chronological ‘Status Report’ of the case is also apprised from time to time which keeps the clients equally updated about the status of the case.


Our trained team of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) incredibly settles the dispute outside the court. ADR is the fastest growing method unlike litigation, which typically includes early neutral evaluation, negotiation, conciliation, mediation and arbitration.


We, as General Attorneys confront legal conflicts to encompass all your legal needs to be addressed at one platform. We expedite the process of legal solution by dynamically reducing the time frame from decades to months and even weeks.

We Make Sure To Proceed With Legal Claims and Cases Only!


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Customer Satisfaction Statements


    I just wanted to say thank you for helping us with this extremely difficult financial issue and have it become workable. No one likes to be in this type of situation, but when put here having someone like you on the other end listening and actually helping find a solution is wonderful. I did get the payment, again thank you for your kindness

    Qaiser Mian


  • Fraud and Cheat

    A recruiting agency is running its business of employment abroad in Sialkot. I was jobless so contacted this agency for employment in UAE. The agency charged me huge amount from me for this task. The MD of the recruiting agency assured that I would be sent to UAE within 3 months and took my Passport, ID card, Health Certificate and the others documents for this purpose. After the expiry of 3 months I visited the office of recruiting agency but the same was found locked. On coming to know it was found that this company was a fraud who looted many persons for sending them abroad. I was much shocked. I contacted a lawyer but nothing could be done by him expect filling some applications against him. At-last I came to the office of Solution Seekers Pakistan in Lahore on the pointation of some my friend who helped me in tracing the MD and finally they solved my problem through proper legal course.

    Muhammad Bilal



    They are excellent in terms of quality, as well as professionalism, sensitivity, accountability, and the way they keep us updated about proceedings.

    Mrs Moeen



    I had a Kothi in Wapda Town Lahore worth million of rupees. I mortgaged this house for rupees 30 lakhs who after the expiry of stipulated period illegally and unlawfully maintained his possession over this property. I knocked the door of the police as well as the courts but of no use. Resultantly some of my relative told me about Solution Seekers Pakistan to which I paid a visit and narrate the story. The Solution Seekers Pakistan which is a law firm took cognizance and after using all legal and procedural methods took back the possession of my house from him and handed over to me. This is undoubtedly an appreciable and commendable task done by Solution Seekers Pakistan.

    Ayesha Bashir