Bank Loans Recoveries

There was a boom in Pakistan’s Banking and financial sector few years back, which has now taken a U-TURN, and the Banks which were once determined to increase deposits at any cost are now reluctant to increase there capital costs , therefore Banking industry has been struck with depression. Coupled with high inflation and ever increasing cost of living in Pakistan, many consumers who were once seen as risk free by banks are being denied lending. This adverse scenario has resulted in litigation at a high rate in the Banking sector of Pakistan. Banks in Pakistan are now operating more stringent policies to improve the recovery of Debts, while some aggressive banks have started to use measures that are sometimes so offensive that basic consumer rights have been violated many a times. This is where we come in, our main objective being to resolve the issue in the most amicable fashion,.

Lawyers and Attorneys at Solution Seekers Pakistan strives to reduce litigation times to a minimum. Our repute in the Pakistan market as Banking Law Lawyers/Attorneys is one of trust and justice at the most optimum speed. In many circumstances in Banking Law practice, it is always preferable and advisable to use arbitration, however, the lawyers and attorneys at Solution Seekers Pakistan will only provide arbitration services after the express approval of our esteemed Clients ( Banks and/or Consumer Clients alike) .