About Us

Since its emergence as a professional, compliant and result oriented network, Solution Seekers Pakistan having professional team of in-house lawyers and experts of collection services and debt recoveries, is Pakistan’s largest collection services provider both at domestic and international echelons. Through its strong network spreading over 100+ countries and major relevant associations of the world, Solution Seekers Pakistan aims at delivering international standard professional services with up to date techniques and methodologies for reliability from inside and outside borders.

Glimpses of Service:
B2B and B2C (Local and International)
Legal Advisory
Business Advisory
Collection Services
Credit Management
Bank Loan Recoveries
Debt Recoveries
Credit Reports

Our Solutions:
A number of reliable collection services including debt recoveries and credit management are specialty of our trained and professional team having expertise which covers both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) complications. An added advantage of Solution Seekers Pakistan gives you one-stop solution for your Legal and business advisory, collection services, credit management, debt recoveries and credit reports.

Not only Pakistan, our amicable collection services stretch to almost entire world

Legal Services:
Our general attorneys are dedicated to provide our clients best possible legal services and solutions. They confront legal conflicts to encompass all your legal needs to be addressed at one platform. For our clients from within Pakistan and abroad, they expedite the process of legal solution by dynamically reducing the time frame from years to months and even weeks.

Specialized areas include: 
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Civil Litigation
Criminal Litigation
Corporate Litigation including banking crimes
Cyber Crimes
Execution of Decrees
Filing of Petitions
International Credit Management
Legal Assistance
Legalization of Documents
Monetary Disputes
Out of Court Settlements
Recovery Suits

Trust-worthy Client Relationship Management:
In our concrete and guaranteed method of legal solutions, SSP keeps you in touch and updated about every step. All progress is vigilantly followed up in practical terms to enable constant follow-up through ‘Customer Relationship Management’ (CRM), which helps entire team to communicate progress to the clients on each action taken or to be taken which can also be viewed by respective clients over the CRM online.

A chronological ‘Status Report’ of the case is also apprised from time to time which keeps the clients equally updated about the status of the case.

Our Worldwide Network
SSP can turn your bad debts into assets without interference of cities, countries and continent borders because of its worldwide network which includes 100+ countries connected to work together.

We have recently attended annual International meetings including ICE Conference 2015, FENCA Congress 2015 in Stockholm Sweden and NCCD Conference 2015 in Poland where the credit service providers exceeded 500(cumulative) in number from across the globe.


Quality services with transparency are our manifesto

Why Solution Seekers Pakistan?

Our amicable debt collection system with determined, creative and dedicated team of professionals occupies well-defined unique approach and objectives. One-stop multi-dimensional solution actually leads you experiencing guaranteed results in minimum possible time.

Our professional team of lawyers and experts has handful experience of dealing with local and international credit management having acquired all pre-requisite knowledge to handle complex credit management situations arising from different countries and removing all possible barriers from the way forward.

Above all, our specialized team of recovery professionals visits the required areas itself and help brining in the debtors to the negotiation table. From the establishment of facts to the execution of the decision, we assure you that all steps including identifying & clarifying issues, settlement options, debtor’s response and final agreement; go as smooth as possible.

No hidden costs: Our collection services include Legal Opinion and advisory

We cordially invite you to get in touch with us Our professional attitude & approach can bring us together where we can work towards a win-win situation.