• Kashif Ali

    I needed an un-married certificate in Uk for marriage there in order to seek Nationality. I contacted Solution Seekers Pakistan on internet and requested to take an un-married certificate from Lahore. They asked me to send POA or any blood relative to them. I sent my cousin to their office and than needful was done by Solution Seekers Pakistan through the concerned authorities. I pay due respect and honour to this organization for extending help to Pakistanis in abroad.

    Kashif Ali


  • Farooq Ahmad

    I m in Jordan and needed my birth certificate. I contacted Solution Seekers Pakistan on Internet and requested for issuance of birth certificate form Lahore which was required for some employment purpose there. The attorneys of the Solution Seekers Pakistan ask for some documents from me which were provided to them. I was dispatched my birth certificate by Solution Seekers Pakistan at Jordan within short span of time. I paid a nominal and legal fee to Solution Seekers Pakistan for this purpose. I feel happy and relief over it.

    Farooq Ahmad


  • Muhammad Aslam

    I was in Malaysia and have a need of Police Character Certificate for producing the same before the authority for the extension of visa there. I contacted Solution Seekers Pakistan and provided all the requisite documents.They obtained PCC within two weeks. I got this without spending a huge amount and the agony of journey I have obtained PCC at my place in Malaysia.

    Muhammad Aslam


  • Muhammad Bilal

    A recruiting agency is running its business of employment abroad in Sialkot. I was jobless so contacted this agency for employment in UAE. The agency charged me huge amount from me for this task. The MD of the recruiting agency assured that I would be sent to UAE within 3 months and took my Passport, ID card, Health Certificate and the others documents for this purpose. After the expiry of 3 months I visited the office of recruiting agency but the same was found locked. On coming to know it was found that this company was a fraud who looted many persons for sending them abroad. I was much shocked. I contacted a lawyer but nothing could be done by him expect filling some applications against him. At-last I came to the office of Solution Seekers Pakistan in Lahore on the pointation of some my friend who helped me in tracing the MD and finally they solved my problem through proper legal course.

    Muhammad Bilal


  • Muhammad Ashraf

    A loan from the bank was obtained by me for opening a new business.The banking Authorities pledged my land. I could not return the amount to the bank within time. The bank is started threatening to take forcible possession of the land and filed a case in the banking court. I have requested for extension of time regarding repayment of loan but the bank has turned up my demand. On seeing the advertisement I contacted the Banking Litigation Lawyers at Solution Seekers Pakistan and sought help. They committed to extend all out possible assistance. Now it's been long time that my case is still pending in banking courts and I am arranging that finances to pay off the actual loan amount very soon. God may bless the Solution Seekers and bestowed him to serve the people vehemently.

    Muhammad Ashraf


  • Sheikh Tahir Masood

    Gold Market in Dubai is very popular at the airport where many people purchase gold ornaments. The whole sale dealers also visit this market and import & export the gold ornaments to other countries of the worlds. I have a shop of gold ornaments at Dubai airport and deals with the whole sale gold business. My salesman Arshad also works with me and belongs to Lahore and committed the theft of cash and gold ornaments and went to Karachi Pakistan instead of Lahore. I utmost tried to catch hold him but he slipped away from Dubai. All my efforts failed to recovered the cash and gold ornaments from him through private and official concerns. My friend in Dubai said to me that I should contact Solution Seekers Pakistan for help so I contacted them on internet. I was glad to know that the Solution Seekers arrested Arshad from Karachi with the help of police and brought him to Lahore who subsequently led to the recovery of cash and gold ornaments from his possession kept by him in his house. Solution Seekers Pakistan has no doubt played a dynamic role in the matter who deserves appreciation and good rewards.

    Sheikh Tahir Masood


  • Kung Fue

    China is the neighbor and close friend of Pakistan having brotherly ties since long. I m General Manager of a Chinese company in Beijing. M. Sarfraz was Manager Accounts in this company who committed cheating fraud and criminal breach of trust with the company and took away two Corors rupees and fled away to Pakistan. I want to get recovery of this amount from him. I have contacted many law firms to this effect but failed to get the desired results. Finally I approached Solution Seekers Pakistan on internet for seeking legal assistance in the matter. The CEO asked to provide him the required material and documents which I sent to him. It was opined by the Solution Seekers that civil and criminal action can be ensued against Sarfraz in china as well as in Pakistan. Solution Seekers took up the matter in his hand as per our request and succeeded to get recovered the said amount from the cheater by way of initiating criminal action against him and returned the amount to my company. This is a very good job which Solution Seekers has done for the better relationship of Pakistan with China and good will of the people of the both countries. China Pakistan friendship should remain cordial forever.

    Kung Fue


  • Muhammad Arshad Chaudhry

    I am in food business. I supplied things to Muhammad Rizwan for an amount of about three million. He promised to pay cash amount of this goods within 15 days but resiled from his commitment. All my efforts in punchiat,police and court were futiled. On receiving information about Solution Seekers Pak, I contacted the said firm who told that my amount must be recovered. After a reasonable time my amount was recovered from from him. Thanks a lot to Solution Seekers Pakistan.

    Muhammad Arshad Chaudhry


  • Kiran Khan

    My husband started partnership business with his friends established factory at Sheikhupura Road, Lahore Pakistan. About 40 kanal land was purchased for the factory. My husband was equally owner of this property. My husband died and his old/dear friends usurped the property and also occupied the factory. I went to Police Station but no action was taken as I was a widow and not staying in Pakistan. I contacted the court but case is still pending since 2008. My nephew informed me about Solution Seekers and assured that my cause would be remedied. I approached this firm who did my work and took back the share of my husband in the factory. I am thankful to Solution Seekers Pakistan.

    Kiran Khan


  • Ayesha Bashir

    I had a Kothi in Wapda Town Lahore worth million of rupees. I mortgaged this house for rupees 30 lakhs who after the expiry of stipulated period illegally and unlawfully maintained his possession over this property. I knocked the door of the police as well as the courts but of no use. Resultantly some of my relative told me about Solution Seekers Pakistan to which I paid a visit and narrate the story. The Solution Seekers Pakistan which is a law firm took cognizance and after using all legal and procedural methods took back the possession of my house from him and handed over to me. This is undoubtedly an appreciable and commendable task done by Solution Seekers Pakistan.

    Ayesha Bashir


  • Muhammad Amjad

    I am a UK National Pakistan living in Oxford. I had some landed property in Okera Punjab Pakistan. A dispute arose with Abdul Ghafoor over the sale of this property who forcibly took over the possession of my land. I pursued the matter to Police Station and up to the Court but of no avail instead the waste of my time. Malik Asif one of my friend in Pakistan advised me to contact Solution Seekers Pakistan. Accordingly I visited the office of this firm which is a Law based organization who took up the case and redress my grouse after releasing my land from Qabza Mafia by resorting all legal formalities. This is no doubt a sublime and glorious assignment perform by Solution Seekers Pakistan.

    Muhammad Amjad


  • Kamran Ali

    A house measuring one kanal situated in Model Town was sold out by my brother I was equally sharer of this ancestral property. I was in Paris regarding employment. In my absence my brother sold this property with cheating and without my permission. I contacted Solution Seekers Pakistan on internet and told about my problem. They assured that my share would be given to me as per law and they will initiate some criminal and civil cases against him. They did what they committed and during the litigation Solution Seekers Pakistan did a remarkable job by arbitration with my brother and finally he apologized and paid my share. I am feeling happy and relief at the hands of Solution Seekers Pakistan.

    Kamran Ali


  • Abdul Basit

    There was a housing society having its office in Islamabad, Pakistan. I applied for allotment of a plot near new international airport Islamabad. I paid an advance towards the allotment of this plot with the said housing society.The Chief Executive of this housing society who defrauded me as well as many other persons at the name of allotment of plots in this housing scheme and deprived them from millions of rupees. I contacted concerned legal departments regarding recovery of my amount from the said so-called housing society but of no avail. Lastly I contacted Solution Seekers Pakistan and they guided me how to take legal measures against that fraudulent ceo.The effective efforts and meaningful strategy succeeded to recover the said amount form the defunct housing scheme.

    Abdul Basit


  • Sadia Zaman

    A property dealer showed me a house in Johar Town Lahore. He said he will get me this house in a less price as compared to the market value. I paid him some amount as advance for the purchase of this house and balance to pay the remaining sale price within a month. The said property dealer defrauded me and deprived from my amount and slipped away to somewhere else. I contacted Police but no use and my application for Fir stood pending for so many months. Someone told me to approach Solution Seekers Pakistan. I visited this office. They helped me getting my Fir registered and meanwhile the dealer was located and he gave me some of my money in cash and I got two cheques of my balance payment. I am feeling happy over this act of Solution Seekers and pray for his development day and night in Pakistan and abroad.

    Sadia Zaman


  • Qaiser Mian

    I just wanted to say thank you for helping us with this extremely difficult financial issue and have it become workable. No one likes to be in this type of situation, but when put here having someone like you on the other end listening and actually helping find a solution is wonderful. I did get the payment, again thank you for your kindness

    Qaiser Mian


  • Mrs Moeen

    They are excellent in terms of quality, as well as professionalism, sensitivity, accountability, and the way they keep us updated about proceedings.

    Mrs Moeen


  • Tallat Rehman

    They have a wide range of lawyers who can deal with many different kinds of cases.

    Tallat Rehman



  • Sidiq Memon

    Their turnaround time is excellent, so we always go back to them.

    Sidiq Memon

    Computer Business


  • Sheikh Yousaf

    It is a client-focused practice. The cost structure of the firm is competitive and the quality of the service is good.

    Sheikh Yousaf

    Food Business


  • Syed Hanif

    What I appreciate is that they take a lot of trouble over the nitty-gritty of the issues. They go very deeply into the case and spare no effort.

    Syed Hanif

    Textile Business


  • Mrs Tahir

    They are responsive, quick and able to get things turned around rapidly.

    Mrs Tahir


  • Malik Ahsaan

    They are very high-quality, taking care of requirements and understanding very quickly what the dispute is all about and what it means for us.

    Malik Ahsaan