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The term “Business” has wide history so do the complications. Complication itself is just like residual which restricts the business to remain streamlined. Some of the businessman were adsorbed by these complications while others were not. What type of complications arise in front of them? Why did not they become able to get over it?

Businessmen do need lawyers to look after their legal complications as they have to patch all the loop holes up which allow defaulter to break through in violating and harming code of conduct.

These complication arise as the owner of business indulges in intensively busy routine of expanding the business and defaulters are endeavoring in search of loop holes to manifest their ways out. Businessmen need someone to take care of their legal activities.

If you have any legal complication which brings your business down then you may need legal advice or assistance in order to resolve the issue.

A legal Adviser is the one who is trained for legal assistance and these legal advisers are classified in different fields as solicitors, legal executives and barristers and Solution Seekers Pakistan provides you legal services accordingly.

You need to consult a legal adviser if you are ditched regarding any business activity. Solution Seekers Pakistan advices you for free of cost as we need our clients to feel relaxed regarding any matter.

We could advise you for free phone call, depending upon the nature of your issue. You can also visit our office in order to resolve your issue at its best. Our Legal advisers are available round the clock. We have lawyers/General attorneys regarding different areas of expertise and this is the key behind our successful years. This is the difference between us and other legal services firm. Our legal service firm believes in quality work and cent percent satisfaction.

We are located in Pakistan, UK and Australia and you can contact us without any hesitation Solution Seekers Pakistan helps you at its best with guarantee of minimum possible time.


Debt Collection Editor 12 Feb 2016

There are several aspects of running a business and most particularly a businessman provides service or products for the purpose of trading. Exchange of payments for provision of services or products could be titled as trading and the liquidity of any business determine by at the bottom line of trading from the clients, client may be an individual or any other organization you are in contract with.

Liquidity of any kind of business depends upon either an organization could pay off the liabilities or not. A successful business is the one which remains liquid for longer span of time but remaining liquid is suspicious as no one guarantees “You will get paid after the provision of services or products”. The problem arises from here, what if clients do not fulfill their obligations?

These obligations could harm the business bearing high level of intensity. Now a days safeguarding the rights of business creditor is the basic need.

Debt collection companies provide services for releasing the tensions of the businessmen. Debt collection services is of great importance with regard to this particular aspect as the provider of these services looks after the unpaid debts and the recoveries.

Solution seekers Pakistan, one of the finest legal service company provides debt collection services and retrieve your payments with in the required time span. The Debt collection process flow of Solution seekers Pakistan is of utmost satisfaction.

Deriving optimum solutions for debt collection and recoveries is the promise of Solution Seekers Pakistan. Solution Seekers Pakistan works efficiently in order to create your bad debts into assets.

How Solution Seekers Pakistan works?

Debt collection requisition initiates with demand letter and in most of the cases business debtors have been requested several times to pay off their obligations but they have not been considering the request of payments seriously. Why? Because they don’t have any threat of non-payments.

Inclusion of a debt collection agency in this process may lead you towards fruitful results as for now business debtors may have a threat of litigation, business creditors need to initiate the process by turning the channel of debt collection agents on and solution seekers is one of these superior channels.

Solution Seekers Pakistan operates through recovery and debt collection agents and our foremost priority is to resolve your problems initially through reconciliation but if business debtors do not want to pay off this way, then Solution Seekers Pakistan number of ways to recover your debts.

Solution Seekers Pakistan initiates legal action/ Debt collection litigation against those business debtors who want us to operate through this channel.

Investigation starts right after the denial of payments by reconciliation means. Solution Seekers Pakistan have diligent and intelligent recovery agents to investigate initially. Our agents review your problem deeply and raise the pinpoints against the business debtors.

The process of debt collection litigation initiates and we (Solution Seekers Pakistan) files specialized law suits to recover you debts/bad debts in accordance of the nature of your issue. Solution Seekers Pakistan initiates the litigation on your behalf and we have the capability to represent you strength-fully in court. We always emphasize our generous and expert attorneys to derive or determine flawless position of client before the court.

Solution seekers Pakistan requires you to validate the records efficiently because in case of small scale business, business dealings are based on verbal commitment. It is therefore more challenging for us to cross-validate the records contrarily our attorneys somehow manage in deriving the evidences for the sake of bad debts recovery.

Solution Seekers Pakistan promises you to prove the validity of bad debts and derives the court to declare the decision in favor of our clients.


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